Sifu Edmond Ng born in Kowloon in Hong Kong was a boy of just nine when he performed his very first lion dance back in Hong Kong. Mr Ng first came to the UK in 1976 and moved to Preston in Lancashire, where one of his two sisters was already working in a Chinese takeaway. He later moved to Gateshead to help his other sister, who worked in a takeaway in Low Fell.

Sifu Edmond Ng practised Kung Fu in Newcastle in 1977. He says it all started when “the old Chinese people came and asked me to do the lion dancing in the street.”

Classes are held every Sunday and Wednesday. The UK Choi Lee Fut Kung Fu Dragon and Lion Association was formed by Sifu Edmond Ng.

It’s aims and objectives are to promote healthy living by practising the art of Choi Lee Fut kung fu and Chinese lion dancing, and to promote racial harmony through better understanding of Chinese arts and culture.

Sunday (Intermediate)
Time: 3.30pm – 5.30pm

Wednesday (Beginners)
6.30pm – 8.30pm